Soft Tissue

Bladder stones from a dog

Your pet may require surgery at some point in its life, for a variety of reasons. Soft tissue surgery is any surgery not involving bone, the heart/lungs, or the nervous system. Included in this category is tumors, bladder stones, lacerations, and gastrointestinal surgeries. 


Tumors are quite common in dogs, and do occur in cats. In most cases, the doctor will do diagnostic testing to try and determine what kind of tumor is present, and then make a recommendation as to whether it should be removed surgically. After removal, if the doctor feels the tumor could be malignant (cancerous), we are able to send it to a laboratory for histopathology - a pathologist studies the tumor cells in order to classify it.


Bladder stones can form in dogs and cats, and can be life-threatening if they cause a blockage of the urethra. Usually diagnosed with an x-ray, some stones can be dissolved by changing the pet to a prescription diet while others must be surgically removed.


Pets are intensely curious, which often can get them in trouble. In the case of a laceration, the sooner we see your pet, the better. Depending on how much time has elapsed since it occured as well as its location, we may recommend suturing the wound to allow for optimum healing.

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