For emergent patients, our in-house chemistry unit allows us to assess 14 crucial blood parameters, including ALT and ALP (liver), BUN and Creatinine (kidney), Glucose (blood sugar), and electrolytes. We are able to run Complete Blood Counts (CBC) to evaluate levels of white blood cells (for infection), red blood cells (for anemia and dehydration), and platelets (for clotting ability).


We are also able to run bench-top retroviral testing on cats, giving us a quick answer to their Feline Leukemia/Feline Immunodeficiency status when needed. This information can be invaluable when deciding on a treatment plan. 


For our non-emergent and routine patients, we utilize a national reference laboratory. Our courier visits twice a day, enabling us to receive results within 12-18 hours in most cases (some tests require a longer time frame, such as cultures and biopsies).


Dr. Clarke pursued a residency/PhD in veterinary pathology at UGA prior to returning to practice. As such, he is very skilled in microscopy. He routinely performs in-house cytology to aid in diagnoses, from tumors to ear and skin infections. 

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