2021 Catoosa County Rabies Clinics

We do not yet know if we will be holding Catoosa County Rabies Clinics this year, due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic. 
With the continued worsening of the pandemic, this year's clinic may be cancelled (as last year's was). We will update this page once we have more information.
RAH - Ringgold Animal Hospital
VCA - VCA Catoosa Animal Hospital
AMC - Animal Medical Center


Rabies vaccinations obtained at the Catoosa County Rabies Clinics are valid for one year from the date of vaccination for both dogs and cats.


The cost per pet is $15 (the 1 year Rabies vaccination is $10, PLUS $5 for the required Catoosa County registration, which will be issued concurrently for all Catoosa County residents). Senior citizens (65 and older) may receive the registration only free of charge.


We strongly recommend that all pets have a yearly examination by a veterinarian, as well as other necessary vaccinations and parasite testing and prevention depending on their life style. 
Ringgold Animal Hospital accepts CASH and CHECKS only at our Rabies clinic locations, and we do not offer any additional services at the clinics. Please contact the respective clinic listed above if you have questions about their policies.
We appreciate dogs being presented on-leash and controlled by a responsible person or in a carrier when appropriate, and all cats being in a carrier (one cat per carrier). Rabies clinics are often controlled chaos, and having each pet under physical control can prevent a lot of disasters.
At the clinics run by Ringgold Animal Hospital, Dr. Clarke or Dr. Emerson will come out to your vehicle to vaccinate dogs and will take carriers with cats inside a vehicle (usually our truck) to prevent accidental escape when the carrier is opened. We will have tables set up to take your information for the certificate and complete the transaction. Your pet does not need to be present at the table; you are welcome to leave them secured in your vehicle or under control of a responsible party at a reasonable distance. Please do NOT allow your dog(s) to approach other animals; while your dog(s) may be quite friendly, the other pet(s) may not be - especially in an unfamiliar location with a lot of potentially overwhelming stimuli.

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